The Maintenance of Churchyards

All our local churches have beautiful graveyards that are very special places: as a sacred, holy space; as a witness to the Christian message; as a place of quiet and comfort for the bereaved and as a haven for wildlife.  Accordingly, the memorials placed in our churchyards must be fitting and appropriate – not just for today but for future generations.  As individual PCCs, we are regulated by the Chancellor of Coventry Diocese to ensure consistency and fairness, that memorials fit the character of the church- yard and to comply with the listed status of the church.  (Copies of the regulations are available on church noticeboards.)

We are committed to maintaining our churchyards so people can enjoy visiting.  They are looked after by a team of amazing volunteers, in some churchyards supplemented by a paid contractor to do the mowing, and generously supported financially by some of our local parish councils.

To assist those who look after the churchyard and maintain their natural character and beauty, please keep to the following guidelines:

  • Apart from flowers laid on a grave immediately following a funeral, flower arrangements should be kept to one vase per grave and this should be an integral part of the headstone or memorial stone.
  • Apart from spring bulbs planted in graves - trees, shrubs or other plants should not be planted in graves.
  • Apart from poppies and crosses for Remembrance Day and wreaths at Christmas, other artificial flowers are not permitted at any time.  (We can remove them for you if you are not able to attend the grave.)
  • Other objects such as figures of angels, toys, windmills or lanterns should not be placed on graves.
  • Graves should be turfed (once they have levelled) and should not have kerbs, railings, borders of stones or bark/chippings.
  • Please do not leave litter or dog mess in the churchyard.

Your co-operation would be much appreciated!