Video Services

While our building is closed for COVID-19 our church continues online.

16.05.21 Morning Worship for 7th Sunday of Easter On the Sunday after Ascension Day, we think about Jesus returned to heaven where he prays for us at the right hand of God
09.05.21 Morning Worship for 6th Sunday of Easter Jesus tells us to love one another as he has loved us
02.05.21 Morning Worship for 5th Sunday of Easter Today's service is led by the team from Stockton
25.04.21 Morning Worship for 4th Sunday of Easter Today is known as "Good Shepherd Sunday" when we give thanks for Jesus leading and protecting us
18.04.21 Morning Worship for 3rd Sunday of Easter Today we think about how we confront our fear, doubts and confusion in order to witness to the risen Jesus
11.04.21 Morning Worship for 2nd Sunday of Easter Our service today includes short prayers for HRH Prince Philip and members of the Royal Family
04.04.21 Easter Day Here is our service of Holy Communion for Easter Day
01.04.21 Maundy Thursday service A service of Tenebrae - bible reflections on the events of Jesus' last days on earth, waiting with him in the growing shadows in the Garden of Gethsemane
28.03.21 Worship for Palm Sunday Today we celebrate Jesus riding into Jerusalem and being proclaimed as King!
21.03.21 Morning Worship Lent 5 Today we reflect on the sacrifice that Jesus made in order for us to have new life